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RedBull Scenic Cruiser Destination Unknown Inside the bus more of the bus more bus
Indoor Skydiving! Skydiving instructor and Kevin Me floating me standing Kevin practicing
peeps floating me standing in my football helmet me flying again me spinning waiting to fly
more flying me and a sky diver stix and travis flyaway Las Vegas Speedway!
discussing tactics G and Rebecca suited up this is not trash the track Ha! this is just funny.
The girls ready to shoot; Milena and I had the nerdy glasses, but Kaitlin had the name brand ons. Just me shooting on a Sunday. Yup! targets shooting range
Desert Eagle. this thing has got power what it do Kaitlin shooting The Palms RedBull Base Jumpers at the Wet Republic
RedBull cabanas base jumper getting ready to jump Palms Pool she was cold I think Kevin and Rebecca discuss bikes; ha probably not really
Seb more pooltime Wet Republic, this place was crazy. Best weekend Ever!    

Friday: Arrive in Vegas


Saturday: Went indoor skydiving. Pretty amazing! Trapped in a room, fully padded with a giant fan. I went sky diving last year with Suz on the 4th of July in 07′ and I knew this was going to be a lot of fun. It was really bizarre floating in a room. Hung out at the Palms pool then headed over to the Wet Republic at the MGM where there was a lot of meet spread out to techno music. P.S. Wear Sunscreen!


Sunday: Started the day off by driving an Indy Car at the Las Vegas Speedway. I drove 10 laps and my fastest speed was 152.88 MPH. Go-karting is going to seem so lame after this, but oh well. Then it was off to the gun range where we all shot off guns from Rambo and any other jungle action themed film you can think of.


Monday: Depart Home 


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