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I still do not have words to describe how I feel, but I have a lot of great memories of my friend Sarah. And I wanted to share them with you.














We loved posing for our future album cover.




















If there was music, we were dancing. I could always count on finding Sarah on the dance floor.














She got married first.




















She showed me what it really meant to be a role model. http://www.womenssportsfoundation.org




















So much stays the same.
















The dream team = WSF Team




















She taught me so much. Even how to pose.
















The best Summer X, ever! I recall her and I dancing on stage with Three6Mafia just because we could.
















Never a dull moment.
















My SBF (Ski Best Friend)













My battle buddy : )
















My life saver.
















Teaching audiences about the GoGirlGo! Program.
















No matter what, we were always having fun.
















And making sure we were both alright.
















No matter what, we always tried to do what was right.















We shared a love for cupcakes.
















Sometimes I would win.












Sometimes she would win.

















But that stuff never really mattered. We just liked being up there together.
















As long as we were having fun. That’s all we cared about.














We did a lot together.














We complimented each other.
















She was the perfect friend.

I will miss you forever Sarah.


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  1. Jacob Schroeder says:

    Thanks for sharing. Although I never met Sarah she impacted my life just as she impacted many peoples life. Her spirit will live on with all of us. You are in our thoughts. Keep your head up.

  2. Rena Bolt says:

    So sorry for your loss, Grete. This is a beautiful tribute to what looks like an amazing friendship. Thoughts and prayers with you and all who love Sarah.

  3. Dj Millar says:

    Badass tribute- two bad chicks at the top of their sport, I’m sure you’ve got years of memories. Sorry for your loss-

  4. Justine says:

    Very moving tribute… Thanks for sharing.
    Thinking of you in your time of loss.

  5. Jennifer says:

    that makes me very sad.. although i didn’t know her… it must have been a great relationship between both of u and sarah must have been a great person!! wish u all the best and we austrians are also thinking about her!!! j.

  6. Oriane B says:

    Thank you Grete for sharing this, as it is for a lot of female freeskier Sarah was a icon for me, I met her 2times during comps but was too afraid, too impressed by her to even say hi :)
    It’s incredible how much she’s missing all around the world. i can’t even imagine how you guys feel but I wanted to thank you for all the great work you’re doing to keep the memory of sarah alive.

  7. Samantha Williams says:

    Grete you are an amazing friend to everyone and have turned into an amazing and beautiful woman…I’m sorry for your loss…I watched the tribute to Sarah last night on the X games. Very cool..You are in my thoughts and prayers..Stay strong sista…Love Sam

  8. Sisa says:

    What a great tribute. Hope that in the sharing you also received some comfort. You’re in our prayers!

  9. Tom Crosby says:

    Thanks for posting that Grete, I’m not gonna lie I’m crying my eyes out again, and a flood of Burke memories are surfacing. I can’t imagine how hard this is for all of you so close to Sarah. She was the best traits of everyone I know rolled into one awesome person. You two were blessed to have each other pushing and supporting each other. Thanks for the pictures they also make me smile. Sam nailed it, Stay strong Grete..Tom

  10. Michelle A says:

    There was just something about Sarah. Something so amazing. She will be missed.

  11. Kati says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pics, Grete. It’s palpable how much fun you had together during these years and how you would stand for each other no matter what, both on the snow and in personal life. My heart aches for your loss, even though I didn’t know either of you.

    I’ve been skiing only few years and broke my tibia badly last April. In a month or two I’m allowed to try skiing again, and I’ve been wondering whether I’d be too scared. But watching the videos of you and Sarah and your fellow ski mates, I really can’t wait to get up there again. So thank you for that.

    I wish you all the courage and strength to continue without her physically by your side, but also allow yourself to miss her and cry for her. You’ve lost something remarkably big. Cherish her memory. I’m so sorry for you.

    Love, Kati / Finland

  12. Alexander Croci says:

    Thank you Grete for sharing your photos and the very special friendship you had with Sarah. You were extremely lucky to have Sarah as your friend. In my opinion, we just lost a? beautiful person who has never forgotten where she came from. On the slopes she was? simply the best. Off the slopes she treated everyone as though they were her friend, including her fans and just regular people. The world has just lost a legend, she was only getting started. God Bless Sarah,? Rory and their family. She was taken from us way too soon. This really hurts, it hurts alot!


  13. Grete says:

    Thank you Alex, it means a lot.

  14. Alexander Croci says:

    By the way Grete, I am very sorry for your loss. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Of all the people on earth that Sarah has crossed paths with during her 29 years, she chose you to be one of her closest friends. That by itself has to be one of the highest honors anyone could have experienced in life. I know this does not ease the pain of her loss, however, the fact that you and her were so close during her time here has to be very uplifting and is a compliment to you. You truly were blessed to have been chosen as her friend! Take care and I wish you well. If you ever get to the Philadelphia region, I would be honored to buy you a drink at Starbucks.

    Alex Croci

  15. Grete says:

    Thank you Alex. You are so kind. And it really does help hearing how many people cared about her.

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