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Grete Eliassen – “Proud Athlete of Red Bull”

  • I am 25 years old.
  • Salt Lake City, UT is where I live.
  • Snowbird/Brighton/Alta/Park City is where I ski.
  • Trina is my favorite artist
  • Oprah and the Obama’s are my favorite celebrities.
  • Any romantic movie is my favorite.
  • My favorite show growing up was Beverly Hills 90210
  • My favorite book is the Bible.
  • 2011 Red Bull Cold Rush Champion
  • 2011 Female Skier of the Year (Powder Video Awards – Say My Name)
  • 2011 Female Performance of the Year (Summit Action Film Festival – Say My Name)
  • 2011 1st Place TRAINS Slopestyle
  • 2011 X Games Bronze Medal Slopestyle
  • 2010 Female Performance of the Year (IF3 Film Festival – Say My Name)
  • 2010 Female Leading Role Performance (ESPN Action Film Awards – Say My Name
  • 2010 X Games Bronze Medal Slopestyle
  • 2009 X Games Silver Medal Slopestyle
  • 2009 Female Skier of the Decade (Fri Flyt Magasin)
  • 2007 Female Skier of the Year (Powder Video Awards – Ski Porn)
  • 2007 US Open Champion Halfpipe
  • 2007 X Games Silver Medal Halfpipe
  • 2006 US Open Champion Slopestyle
  • 2006 X Games Gold Medal Halfpipe
  • 2005 US Open Champion Slopestyle
  • 2005 X Games Gold Medal Halfpipe
  • 2004 US Open Champion Slopestyle
  • 2003 Rip Curl Freeski Event Overall Champion

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  1. St3v3 says:

    ur so gangster

  2. Erling says:

    Hot shit, Grete!




  3. inquier says:

    have you actually ever read the bible or is it just the only book you could think of

  4. Grete says:

    I have been reading the Bible my whole life. You should try it!

  5. Chang,Hsiao Chuan says:

    Dear Grete Eliassen :

    This is [Chang,Hsiao Chuan] from Taiwan. I have been a loyal fan of you for many years. You are my favorite freestyle skier. After watching your performance the first time, I instantly became one of your fans. You are truly the best freestyle skier of all time and you are so beautiful.

    I really enjoy watching your games, and you are an amazing. Whenever you are on any live broadcast, I have always cheered you in front of my TV set- it is really a pleasure to watch one of your games.

    Whenever you had a crash, I was always so worried about how badly you were injured. I hope I will be able to see you personally one day. And I also hope that no sports injuries will ever block your way towards more championships in the future.

    Lastly, because I am a student so I do not have any financial resources to purchase your autographed items, and I really do not know where I can possibly make such a purchase, I really hope I can receive an autograph from you,please. Your autograph will be my most valuable collection, and I will not ever sell it to anyone.

    I will always support you and look forward to your reply. I will pray for your continuing success and safety.

    ?My Name And Address:
    ?Mr. Chang,Hsiao Chuan
    ?No 156 , Jingwu Rd , Fengshan Dist , Kaohstung City 83046 TAIWAN (R.O.C)

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    [Chang,Hsiao Chuan]


  6. Olivia says:

    You’re such an inspiration to me! i would literally do anything to be able to have a career like yours because its all i’ve ever wanted to do!You have progressed female skiing in an insane way and your achievements are extraordinary. Say My Name has really made me want to try even harder to make skiing my life because i don’t think i could be happy doing anything else. I’m not the best freestyler around but i love freeriding and being out in the back country and it would be so amazing if that happened for me but until then i just love to watch you ski and share how much you love it!
    Love Olivia :)
    Northern Ireland.

  7. DARIUSZ WILK says:

    My name is Dariusz and I’m Grete Eliassen fan.
    I would love to get Grete Eliassen autographed cards and
    Dariusz Wilk

    ul. GRODZKA 6
    38-400 KROSNO

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