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My friend and snowboarder Aimee Fuller wrote a great update on what’s going on in Squaw Valley, CA.

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Myself and one of snowboarding’s pioneers Barret Christy.

Me and some of the fastest women on the planet, runner Lolo Jones,  swimmer Summer Sanders, and gymnast Wendy Hillard.

Julie Foudy (soccer) and Billie-Jean King (tennis) talk women’s sports.

Lauren Perkins (skater), Lolo and I tried a little bit of surfing at Torrey Pines.

It was awesome! I caught so many waves.

It was fun watching athletes like Skylar Diggins (basketball) and Lolo (hurdeler) trying out surfing because you don’t really see them doing that kind of stuff.

The view from my room, NBD.

We went to the Harley Davidson dealership and this dog was there.

We also got to try on leather and ride bikes. No idea how the hitch-hiker character happened.

Alyssa Roenigk (ESPN-writer), Lauren and I. We got to hardly ride.

Did I mention Jewel peformed?

Lolo and I had front-row at the private concert too.

Skylar Diggins (Basketball), me, Jessica Mendoza (softball), Jamie Anderson (snowboard), Lauren, Lolo.

Myself and Jamie, pre-pull up contest.

7 am shot gun start at Torrey Pines.

Alyssa and Lauren taking “ready golf” seriously.

So excited to play. They played the US Open at this course in 2008.

It had ocean backdrops as well.

The greens.

With a little marine layer as well.

Alyssa and Lauren getting the shot.

Alyssa judging the greens while Kristen Tallmen (Field Hockey) puts in for par or was it a birdie?

The golf team: Alyssa, Lauren, myself and Kristen.

I ended the weekend by the pool.

And a snack because I am known as the snack girl.


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