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My ribs were a little big.

The coaches: Marie-France, Domonique, Chanelle, Me, Kristi, Mary, Helene, Christine, and Lauren.




NZ – Oakley Shoot
Posted by Grete on categories: Say My Name

Welcome to New Zealand!

We got the chance to shoot in this winery overlooking Wanaka.

Marie-France and I on-deck for the next shot.

Motivation for standing in the cold with tank-tops on.

A lot of sheep in NZ. They are so nice too and they like to jump.

City slicker and sporty chicks.

Deer know how to climb in NZ.

I can think of at least two people who would want to live here.

People even fish in NZ.

These are all lakes by the way.

I have a new camera too.

White girl can still jump.

Condo view. Yes, I will take lakeside.

It’s real.

Not sure what two city slickers were doing in the fields of NZ, but here they are.






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