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Vaca Over, Back To Work
Posted by Grete on categories: Lifestyle

Sleeping on planes is work for me. Good thing I am great at my job.

I am off to Toronto, Canada for a Red Bull training tramp. Really excited about it. The last one was in Squaw Valley and it was the coolest thing, ever.



New Holga Shots
Posted by Grete on categories: Lifestyle, Media, skiing

Devin scoping the jib on the RedBull Hometown Tour.

Molly, she lives in Minnesota.



Look at me now.

I go to the airport, minimum, once a week.


It’s Powder Country!

No idea how this person made it to the top of the mountain.

Pow Mow Mow



Winter Life
Posted by Grete on categories: Lifestyle

Gassing up!

This flight was funny, there was just four of us.

I like this spot.

My book, Eat Pray Love.



Posted by Grete on categories: Gear, Lifestyle

My new bookmark, Nancy Grace. She is a loud one, so funny though.

I might not be First Class, but I have the view to First Class.

Can someone please make me this? It’s a mitten-pillow.

I found it on set at a cabin we were shooting at in Aspen last week.



Posted by Grete on categories: Lifestyle

Ritzy rooms aka Park Ave aka Base of Aspen Highlands Home

Really fancy bathrooms.

Traveling companions aka U-Pillow.

Really good seats.



What’s new?
Posted by Grete on categories: Lifestyle

Hey! At least I got some leg room this time.



  • Room Service…. Ah, the luxuries of traveling alone.
  • Calm lake sunrises.
  • Flying into Aspen.
  • My sister and I were flying and we heard a weird noise coming out of this arm rest. Then, we turned up the volume and it became a super loud speaker. Has anyone experience this before? It was awesome!
  • Tired, Grete.
  • 2 hour nap at the Vancouver airport, check!
  • Really excited about all this space in Economy.
  • These guys felt the same way as I did when I landed in San Francisco.
  • Once I woke up I found a cool desk to study at.
  • These girls were ready to fall asleep any moment.
  • U-Pillow
  • Trying the new Kicker Headphones on the plane.
  • Knuckles, and I am out.



And I am off! I am headed to Montreal for @iF3 and the first showing of SAY MY NAME.

Sleep #1

Sleep #2. Do you like these photos better than my feet shot? LOL



Traveling With a Dog
Posted by Grete on categories: Lifestyle

Excel Spreadsheets, just the usual school work. And Pandora of course.

My traveling companion this time.

Just sleeps, all day.



Traveling = Study Time
Posted by Grete on categories: Lifestyle

Recently, I have been really good at making my travel time, study time. It is pretty hard to study on the plane I have found, but with the luck of a few First Class seats and smooth flights, I have been getting a lot done. I hope I can make this a habit throughout the month with movie premiers and weddings to attend.

Half my carry-on is text books.

This is a great study station I found in the Denver Airport.

This spot was not that good for studying. I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me, but the confinement just made me air-sick and no school work was finished on this flight.


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