Grete Eliassen

Grete Eliassen: From Mountains to X Games Glory

My journey with skiing began at an age most wouldn’t consider – a mere two years old. That first tentative turn on the slopes ignited a passion that would define the next two decades of my life, propelling me onto the world stage and into the record books.

At the tender age of 17, I stepped into the professional arena, forever etching my name in freeskiing history. The inaugural X Games Freeski Halfpipe became my proving ground, where I clinched the coveted gold medal, a testament to the relentless training and unwavering dedication that fueled my competitive spirit.

My dominance extended beyond that initial triumph. I reigned supreme at the US Freeskiing Open a staggering four times, showcasing my versatility across both Slopestyle and Halfpipe disciplines. Each victory was a thrilling display of technical prowess, audacious maneuvers, and unwavering determination.

But my aspirations soared beyond the confines of competition. I craved to push the boundaries of what was deemed possible, to redefine the limits of human potential on skis. In Park City, Utah, I achieved just that, setting a female World Record that still stands today. With a phenomenal 31-foot jump on a Hip Jump, I defied gravity and captured the imagination of aspiring skiers worldwide.

My passion for the sport transcended the competitive realm. I embarked on collaborations with renowned production companies like Poorboyz Productions, TGR, and Warren Miller. Through these partnerships, I shared the exhilarating world of freeskiing with a global audience, captivating viewers with my daring spirit and infectious enthusiasm. The captivating ski films I appeared in not only showcased my athletic prowess but also served as a testament to the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of the mountains I called my playground.

Grete Eliassen: From Mountains to X Games Glory

I am Grete Eliassen, an American-Norwegian freestyle skier who carved my own path in the world of winter sports. My journey began at a young age, shaped by diverse experiences and a burning passion for skiing.

Early Beginnings and Competitive Spirit

Born in Minnesota, I was introduced to skiing at the tender age of two, surrounded by the majestic mountains of North America. My childhood was filled with exploring different sports, from hockey and soccer to basketball and tennis. However, at the age of 13, a move to Lillehammer, Norway, reignited my passion for skiing and set me on a competitive course.

National Champion and Beyond

Within a year of returning to Norway, I claimed the Norwegian SL National Champion title and joined the Norwegian Ski Team for two seasons. My competitive spirit thrived, leading me to victories in the Super-G at the Junior World Championship and a third-place finish in slalom skiing at the European Junior Olympics.

Discovering Freeskiing and Carving My Own Path

While excelling in traditional skiing, I yearned for a more creative and expressive outlet. This led me to discover the world of freeskiing, and I instantly fell in love with its freedom and challenge. My debut year in freeskiing was a triumphant one, marked by victories in the Rip Curl Free Ski and the US Open.

X Games Domination and Record-Breaking Achievements

Since then, my name has become synonymous with freeskiing excellence. I have secured four US Open titles, triumphs at Red Bull Cold Rush and the Dew Tour, and etched my name in history with back-to-back gold medals at the Winter X Games. My dedication has also yielded two silver and two bronze medals at the X Games, solidifying my position as the only female skier to medal in both the inaugural Halfpipe and Slopestyle events.

Beyond Competition: A Multifaceted Passion

My passion extends beyond competition. In 2007, I swept the open events, conquering the US Open, European Open, and Nippon Open. Additionally, I was recognized as the “Women Skier of the Decade” by Fri Flyt magazine. My involvement in the ski film “Say My Name” showcased my creativity, earning me accolades for Best Performance in a Leading Role at the ESPN and IF3 Montreal film festivals.

Breaking Barriers and Embracing New Horizons

In 2010, I shattered the Hip Jump World Record, reaching incredible speeds and soaring through the air, a feat no other woman has come close to surpassing. My academic pursuits also flourished, culminating in a business marketing degree from the University of Utah in 2013. When I’m not on the slopes, I enjoy the thrill of waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Looking Ahead

My journey has been one of continuous exploration, pushing boundaries and defying expectations. As I move forward, I am committed to inspiring others to embrace their passions and carve their own unique paths in life.

Grete Eliassen